LHAF Purchase Awards Exhibition & Online Auction


The Lyndon House Arts Foundation’s Purchase Award Collection features paintings, fabric art, and photography created by talented local artists who submitted works to the Lyndon House Arts Center’s Juried Shows between 2002 and 2009.  The objective of the Foundation’s purchases was to recognize and support our local artists.

 It is inspiring that most of these artists have remained in the Athens area, are well-known within the community, and continue to produce outstanding works and exhibits throughout the county and region. Many of the artists have expanded their reach well beyond the Georgia borders.   Over the years, this collection has been displayed at the LHAC and the Classic Center of Athens.


The Foundation has been proud to own this collection, benefit local artists and share the collection in local venues around Athens.  Regrettably, we are unable to provide a permanent home for this collection and have decided to offer each piece for individual purchase. 

To accomplish this, a silent auction is being conducted.   By purchasing works of art you benefit as the new owner while supporting the Foundation’s fundraising efforts and mission to support the LHAC and to provide arts education to local residents.   We look forward to seeing each creation move into its own special home.

Consider the benefits of owning one of these artworks for your home or office or as a gift to someone special, while helping support the Foundation’s mission.

The exhibition of Purchase Awards can be viewed at the Lyndon House Arts Center through November 17.  For your convenience, the same information is provided below.

#101        OPENING BID   $720

PHILLIP ADAMS     World Domination    Phillip was the first artist to be selected by the LHAF for the Purchase Award.  He received his BFA from UGA and now resides in Philadelphia, PA. His works are featured nationally and internationally.

World Domination (Tanzanian coke kids)    

Charcoal/Paper    58” x 42.5’”

27th Juried Exhibition February 24-May 4, 2002


#102      OPENING BID   $455

ANDY CHEREWICK    Odyssey     Andy is a longtime local artist who exhibits in numerous local and regional art venues.  He and Jeffrey Whittle just completed a collaborative show of their artworks at the LHAC.


Oil on board     35.5” x 31”

28th Juried Exhibition March 23-April 26, 2003



#103     OPENING BID   $420

JOHN D”AZZO      Trapeze No.4   oil  2004    John grew up in Florida and traveled throughout Italy during the summers of his youth.  He studied architecture at Louisiana Tech University and the San Francisco Institute of Architecture.   John, his daughter, and his wife, currently live in Athens, GA, where he practices architecture.

Trapeze No. 4

Oil on canvas     40” x 30”

29th Juried Exhibition February 15-April 17, 2004

#104     OPENING BID    $ 330

TERRI JARRETT     Darktown Strutters Ball   fabric   2005    Terri is an award-winning local quilt artist and an active member of the Cotton Patch Quilters Quilt Guild.   Her works are exhibited locally and regionally, she presides over many quilting workshops, and is active creating quilts for community charity services.

Darktown Strutters’ Ball       

Fiber     56” x 66”

30th Juried Exhibition February 13-April 23, 2005



#105     OPENING BID    $165

MUNROE D’ANTIGNAC     Through the Grove       An artist and frame maker, Munroe lives in Atlanta, GA.   Monroe received his BFA degree from Kennesaw State University.  He has won art awards for his excellence in numerous local and national competitions including the ARC International Salon Competition.  He exhibits at the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art in Marietta, Ga.

Through the Grove

Oil on canvas     9” x 10”

31st Juried Exhibition February 12 – April 22, 2006


#106     OPENING BID    $300

ERIK PATTEN    Compass, Clamp, Vise     As a commercial photographer, Erik’s home is now in the Washington, D.C. area where he promotes his photography and teaches courses in the commercial photography curriculum.  He continues to show his works in the Athens area. 

Compass, Clamp, Vise

Photography, triptych    each frame  18 ¼” x 18 ¼”    

32nd Juried Exhibition February 18 – May 12, 2007


#107    OPENING BID   $240


Spy Kids     22 ½” x 26”


32nd Juried Exhibition   February 18 – May 12, 2007

#108      OPENING BID    $450

LEAH MANTINI     Il Venditore da Taonnina       Now a resident of Charleston, SC.  Leah is known regionally and internationally and for her portrait paintings.

Il Venditore da Taonnina

Oil on Canvas    13” x 13”

33rd Juried Exhibition February 23 – May 7, 2008



#109       OPENING BID     $111

JACOB WENZKA     Overloaded Outlet      Jacob began his life in the northeastern US and now a 23-year resident in Athens.  Holding a degree in Studio Art from UGA and continues to hone his artistic and graphic skills.  His works can be found all about town and elsewhere

Overloaded Outlet

Oil on wood panel     12” x 14”

34th Juried Exhibition February 22 – May 9, 2009