40 hats + 40 jewels. Forty of Something: Collections from our community


On view from April 1 – May 1, 2015

Lobby glass collection case

In celebration of 40 years of art in Downtown Athens, the Lyndon House Arts Center will host a rotating exhibition, Forty of Something, collections from our community. The collections will greatly vary, featuring an array of items but there will always be a constant, 40, always 40 of them, 40 examples, 40 specimens, 40 treasures.

Spring is here and what better way to start the season than with accessories! The April exhibit, 40 hats + 40 jewels, showcases 40 vintage hats from the collection of Beverly Bourgeois and 40 pieces of costume jewelry from the collection of Par Ramey.  

Vintage fashion connoisseur, Beverly Bourgeois, has been collecting hats for almost sixty years. Ranging from handmade to couture, pill-box to Panama, for many, exploring this collection will be like traveling down memory lane. Bourgeois has costumed UGA theater performers, Boybutante participants, local party-goers and has lent pieces to costume designers for movies.

Par Ramey inherited her  jewelry collection from her late sister who traveled the world and bought pieces of all sorts, from handmade African beads to Dutch Delft.  Much like her diverse collection, Ramey, a local artist and writer, boasts a rich and varied past, including working as an undercover detective, teacher, newspaper reporter, radio-show host and model. She uses these diverse experience as fodder for her many creative endeavors.